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either yeezy or AJ, the female friends do not understand why the total, a new color of your blood boil; in the eyes of parents, the red and green black and white, looks almost all the shoes piled full room. today we borrow these to offer the new color of the classic shoes, why do you always want to talk with others "look alike" shoes. ... 1, Nike Flyknit Trainer White/Black & Sunset Tint release date: July 2017 Nike Flyknit Trainer is what? Before Edison, Kanye Shawn Yue, often on foot. this year, wearing the new color regression, Durant and Green also has on foot, the $150 price close to the people, so much coffee and love, enough to make people want to go into the same paragraph. As Nike Flyknit Flyknit Trainer Ganso shoes, visibility is not Flyknit Racer, but whether it is Flyknit or Flyknit Trainer Racer, is commonly used in edison. often stomp their open Range Rover kicked open on the autumn mountains, so tell us what reason? The shoes are expensive, eat bitter, in order to open Land Rover. 2, 5 round Air Jordan 5, not to buy red street, also with white cement. Jordan Brand recently released five autumn shoes, full of Air Jordan 5 as a new color, a lot of people in many shoes, shoe have double AJ 5, what is the reason for you to add a pair of? First look at the 5 AJ 5 Flight Suit, West, AJ 5 Flight Suit East, AJ 5 Cement, AJ 5 Camo, AJ 5 Pinnacle. the July 1st sale of Flight Suit red West, the wear effect is really attractive, it is similar to "Raging Bulls" raging bull color, let a lot of people think of this pair of red shoes is very dry. and the August 5th sale of this pair, the classic jordan 3 katrina 2018 theme White Cement into AJ 5, "white cement" is all the reason. 3, Nike SF-AF1 Mid white release date: mid July recently this retro star Adidas Iniki Runner Boost harvest a lot of popularity, in addition to the first multiple colors, Iniki Runner has maintained a new frequency in the near future. In front of the black and white color is the debut black shoes with three stripes of white, simple and elegant and very all-match temperament. White Boost rubber outsole with bottom foil, is still retro and fashion boutique style. There is no clear date of sale, interested friends may wish to pay more attention. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! recently when visiting the microblogging, found love running Ivy Chen Bo below there are always many envy envy hate children sometimes yangtianzhangtan: "Why are you running leg not thicker!" Sometimes, a curious baby: "how to run the same crude legs?". Xiaobian the envy of other people with tiny legs big legs at the same time, also think it is necessary for everyone to look at science and how to run to constant small thick legs? 1. where your leg coarse than others? we first from a macro perspective of the first leg, head right, and then have the muscle and fat. This part of the three major components of any large volume, it may cause your leg...... Is a skeleton? Is the fat? Or more muscle? So, you say you Tuicu, may be the first to understand what is the three in which one or even two big, make your legs appea jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black r rough. Generally speaking, fat is the main reason for women with thick legs. 2. why are your legs thicker than others? then the focus is on, why other people's legs are hot Mody, on your legs thick? Take a look at three important reasons, one may let you move back in the thick legs on the road...... A. genetic factors some girls may is not fat, face small waist, thin may even there vest line, anyway whole body is how thick, is thick legs! For this younger sister paper, small series can only regret to tell you that this is too difficult to change the situation...... Because, "God" has made you so...... Like Gloria Tang, Xiao Bian think she might be such a sister paper (fans please pat). B. muscular this is a lot of sister paper the most hated his own place. To tell you the truth, women because of the male hormone level is low, muscle growth, it is more difficult, said his leg because of thick muscular, is often subjective. We see the calf "Zhuangzhuang" bodybuilding is through hard high load strength training. At the same time with a good diet, and some agents and even drugs in order to achieve. The single foot heel this only against the weight of its own strength training, to train a large muscle is unlikely. Besides, there is separation of the legs is good leg muscles! It is at best white fat! The is not just like girls thick leg muscle never mind it? Is actually not difficult, muscle long, does not mean it is not long; large muscle long muscle increased degree of small amplitude is possible. Those who usually do not exercise often calf muscle weak, if you start running, due to the action of TiC strengthened for c cheap air jordans online alf exercise, muscles may slightly increase. But for women, running this aerobic exercise to thicken the calf is then lost, with the naked eye is almost invisible. many women because sedentary hip and core muscle weakness, running very hard with the core and hip muscle force, resulting in too much leg. "Nike really likes to introduce shoes for Barkley! Oh, following the Chuck Posite and dream team's color matching Air Max2 CB after 94, Air Max2 CB was recently introduced; "94" Sun color matching. white based shoes, with the details of the black and blue at the Department, there is a "layer of snow" (that is, an ice cream brand)! Should I go through it? The illusion of... Nike Air Max2 CB '94 OG color: White / Black / blue number: 305440-102 offer price: $140 Scott O by by Jeremy O plans to launch the product line, Adidas Originals again with the British women's fashion brand, creation and even PPQ. To black for this series of products spindle, subject around female body tension, showing the firmness and toughness of women. At present, this joint series has been sold at Adidas Originals flagship store, and interested friends can visit it.These two Nike Air Max Turbulence LS, is a new Nike. The two pairs of shoes are respectively black and gray through the whole vamp, and the upper shoe is made of breathable mesh style. The two pairs of shoes are made of white midsole and Swoosh, and the whole pair of shoes is breathable and comfortable. At present, the two pairs of shoes have been on sale, the selling price is: 129 euros, interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. adidas Originals jordan shoes online sale new Tubular series from the construction of the future 2016-01-22 12:13:21 inherits history and explores the future, without doubt, the most compelling design language of the Adidas Originals Tubular series. Since its launch in late 2014, it has redefined modern trends by virtue of its forward-looking bold design and unparalleled three stripes classic genes. Tubular is not only a link between the past and the future, but also the future, leading the trend of the design trend milestone. In the spring of 2016, Tubular will continue to write its magnificent chapter, with new shoes design and theme costumes heavy debut! this season, Tubular Nova and Tubular Runner, a popular type of Shoes Mens series well. Minimalist futuristic become the core subject of aesthetics, to join the new marble pattern elements also let people find everything fresh and new: Look vamp and white color collocation Tubular outsole to create the simple beauty of the atmosphere, the perfect interpretation described on the trend; grey color Tubular Nova through different levels of technical material to highlight the shoe body texture, fashion outfit Tubular Runner created the election; cold black and white marble pattern of the sole is the icing on the cake, modern aesthetic concept was presented. Clothing and accessories products is also a continuation of the design ideas of footwear: simple beauty, science and technology become the fabric texture sweater, jacket, Track Tee, sports pants, long sleeved jacket and Hoody single product design center of vocabulary; Adidas and oversize identified "clover" Logo has become the main visual decorative pa cheap air jordans tterns, highlighting the brand DNA elements, more given the retro movement style essence of modern aesthetic significance; in addition, fisherman hat tote bag, backpack and other accessories, helping to create the most dazzling blue trendsetter street style. turned to the female Tubular series, minimalist aesthetic and flamboyant fashion sense for women to complement each other: Tubular Defiant slim type of shoes; featuring classic black and white marble; pattern throughout the Tubular Runner sole and vamp detail, highlighting the extreme luxury clothing and accessories vision;, clover 〉 again "made in China" to "world manufacturing" transfer; Kangnai launched in Russia, overseas cooperation zone tariff fell by an average of 50% in the gap between domestic overcapacity and foreign anti-dumping investigations, Chinese manufacturing industry has turned their attention to overseas markets. Under the guidance of the government, the Ministry of Commerce as the first batch of key support and foreign cooperation projects launched one of the Kangnai group, China's private enterprises to build economic and trade cooperation zone in Russia Ussuriysk August 6th primary planning and design completed, also indicates that the "China manufacturing" began to shift to the "world manufacturing". foreign cooperation zones in Russia started "at present, the" seven links one ping 'infrastructure and basic facilities, production area, living area, business district coarse scale, has reached the conditions of enterprises ", in August 6th, Kangnai group vice president Zheng Laili said Russia and Vladivostok Wusu Rees rate senior g municipal government high-level meeting, the cooperation zone has 6 domestic enterprises, including four shoe enterprises, a wood processing plant and a furniture factory. the first economic and trade cooperation zone in China as the last 8 period in the Ministry of Commerce approved the construction in Russia set up the Ussuriysk economic and trade cooperation zone planning area of 2 million 280 thousand square meters, a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the construction period of 5 years, the construction in three phases. "A total investment of 800 million yuan, to August next year, will introduce 18 enterprises to enter the park, including furniture, wood processing, clothing, building materials, electronic production enterprises." Kangnai group general manager Zhong Puming introduction. it is understood that the zone is set up by Kangnai group and East Ningi letter group investment limited, the latter is entitled to the general trade right and the neighboring countries to carry out border trade rights of export-oriented enterprise groups in Russia, have very strong connections. Wenzhou foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau by director Xia Linhong said that the cooperation zone is an important channel for China to the Far East, the sea of Japan, only 53 kilometers away from our port, train to Suifenhe china. At present, the government of Russian Federation will invest $4 billion for the overall transformation of the infrastructure in Vladivostok. Facing such opportunities, stationed in Urumqi has also become a shortcut Chinese companies to quickly capture the Russian market. Urumqi Duma chairman rujm told reporters that in recent years, came to Urumqi foreign capital investment doubled, while the China cooperation zone is currently the largest investment. pass)In order to meet once a year the shopping festival, Nike Basketball, Nike Running and Jordan Brand have long black Friday gifts, you can pay more attention to SneakerHead. item: 305381-025Price: air-jordan-8-aqua.jpg (73.97 KB, download number: 24) download Nike black Friday forecast 2015-11-22 13:12 upload Nike item: 802762-707Price: nike-kobe-10-elite-opening-night.jpg (114.89 KB, download number: 27) download Nike black Friday forecast 2015-11-22 13:12 upload item: 812559-160Price: nike-kyrie-1-opening-night1.jpg (64.64 KB, download number: 24) download Nike black Friday forecast 2015-11-22 13:13 upload item: 822887-081Price: nike-kd-8-opening-night.jpg (78.08 KB, download number: 24) download Nike black Friday forecast 2015-11-22 13:12 upload item: 823300-060Price: nike-le0 a girls exclusive air jordan 5 gs in the upcoming may debut, grey upper match white bottom, lining, tongue Jumoman Jumpman logo, in bottom of shark tooth lines, with black trim, decorative details lava red. Shoes specific sale information is as follows: Jordan Air 5 GSGrey/Black-Hot Lava-WhiteWolfrelease date: 2015-05-09hair price: $140 search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: chicken_wop / iloveswooshat the Toronto International Film Festival, the big director Spike Lee feet with a pair of personal customized edition shoes debut, his Michael Jackson documentary "Bad 25" also released. This pair of shoes is a customized version of Air Jordan 7 Van Monroe custom house surgeon, shoes with the album "Bad" black / red / white color, the shoe body painting Michael Jackson portrait and name of song on the album, and the documentary logo is drawn to toe part sideways. This is not the first time Van Monroe has customized a sneaker for Spike Lee. Last month, he made a Jordan Son of Mars for the director to customize a movie "Red Hook Summer" (red Hooke's summer). Reebok rolls out "Purple Rain" series Pump Fury & Court Victory Pump sports shoes. For the Air Sole against Nike Reebok, as a peer in 89 years launched the famous shoes series -Pump, the main route to the basketball, tennis and sports equipment running and so on, these two new Pump Fury & Court Victory Pump is a series of products, design inspiration from the famous singer Prince top album "Purple Rain", with a purple tone, with dark blue and purple blue detail elements as the ornament, purple nubuck leather uppers with dark gorgeous retro prints, PUMP circular pump used to follow the design mean tennis shoes, express exclusive tennis, and more in heel position to "Purple Rain" next to the album a special font printed on the word Reebok, carry out the theme of the design inspiration, lining the pale purple velvet, greatly improved with comfort, enhance the user experience.