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looked at the small write so many articles on the Adidas period is not a little bit tired? Don't say you, I can't stand it, today Xiaobian to bring about Nike shoes. Speaking of Nike, presumably a lot of friends of shoes will be the first time that Air Jordan series. Yes, but that is a star of this series of shoes. We look at the first ten AJ today. (this chapter for the private view, light spray oh) TOP 10: Air Jordan 9Even if Jordan did not play in the AJ9 through the , but the 9 generation is still a pair of good shoes. In addition, you have to admit that this pair of shoes slip and baseball shoes nail too. TOP 9: Air Jordan 6In fact, the 6 generation of before and after several generations are easily confused, but the 6 generation of the large tongue helps it talent shows itself. In addition, Jordan wore a AJ6 for the first time to win the championship. TOP 8: Air Jordan 13 left for the 05 version, the right for the 10 edition of is a double bull periodof Jordan foot shoes, but because other people get more attention, can you believe it? Thanks to actor Denzel · Washington to wear AJ13 in the movie "He Got Game" TOP 7: Air Jordan 7Jordan is wearing AJ7 led the dream team won the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games gold medal, making the shoes ranking * * AJ7 is improved, and a pair of nice and good wear shoes. TOP 6: Air Jordan 5 transparent outsole, reflecting the tongue, inspired by the World War II P-15 fighter, a variety of factors combine to make AJ5 people can not extricate themselves! TOP 5: Air Jordan 12 excellent durability, and the classic "Flu Game" blessing makes AJ12 a lot of shoes fan favorite. TOP 4: Air Jordan 4 "Do The Right Thing (for)" let AJ4 have more exposure, but also become a symbol of the age of Broolyn. Every time I see this pair of shoes, ear could be heard " Fight the Power". TOP 3: Air Jordan 3 this is the first double use Jumpman Logo shoes, Jordan Brand now is 〉Air Jordan XXXI launched a low version is not news, but when a formal sale and offering what color is very important. Now the first Air Jordan XXXI Low officially unveiled, the weaving characteristics of dark gray color and with the gradual presentation, followed by a huge Logo in tone on tone's technique of using black low-key presentation. At present, the high value of Air Jordan XXXI. Low has been officially added in Nike, the sale price is 1399 yuan. You are interested in, will hold a mobile phone. shoes : , "there is an old saying in our country," no tree grows in a greenhouse. ". Without competition, European firms would not develop. In the past 5 years, we have felt that China's market is becoming more and more open, while the European Union is becoming more and more conservative." In March 30th, held in Beijing for the first time on the China EU trade remedy tool of the seminar, the first Chinese shoe anti-dumping case appeal enterprise AOK Cheap jordans online ANG group representatives, executive director Zhou Wei face to face for the first time to attend the meeting of EU trade officials -- the trade relief Secretary Wenig expressed their own views. it is understood that in December 6th last year, the European Commission issued a green paper on trade remedy tools, and invited the Chinese side to comment on it. The green paper was the deadline for comments in March 31st, after the Ministry of Commerce's Fair Office held several green paper Symposia in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Fujian. The Beijing seminar, sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, is the first dialogue between China and EU on EU trade remedy measures. The Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce of fair trade China Li Ling, the European Commission Directorate General for trade relief Secretary Wenig, Chinese and foreign lawyers and Chinese business representatives of more than 150 people attended the seminar. Li Ling expressed concern about the discord between China and Europe, caused by the EU trade remedy tool. It is understood that the EU is the largest trading partner of China Chinese, is the second largest trading partner, but in 2006, the EU trade remedy tool is the implementation of the most WTO members on the Chinese, including more than 130 anti-dumping cases. Li Ling said that under the background of economic globalization, various kinds of factors of production across borders has free flowing, the EU should face the existing problems of trade remedy tool, trade remedy should be in order to improve the competitiveness, rather than the protection of backward industries, contrary to the law of industry development. commissioned by Wang Zhentao, President of AOKANG group, and executive director of AOKANG group Zhou Wei as the first Chinese enterprise representative to speak at the seminar. He said that under the influence of economic globalization, the division of the world industry has gradually evolved into a new pattern, the industry focus is a normal phenomenon, considering the existence of its industrial transformation and innovation around the world should have the perspective of global economic integration, rather than blindly from the outside to find a cause, or with some non market means to carry out intervention and protection. according to the EU footwear trade issues, we are very concerned about Zhou Wei said that since 1980s, the focus of world footwear from Europe and North America to the Far East, the mainland has become the center of world Chinese footwear industry transfer. This kind of industry transfer is the law of market economy development under the global economic integration. As a kind of trade remedy tool, the Commission should look at China from the global footwear industry development pattern) national shoe Standardization Technical Committee leather shoes sub Technical Committee preparatory meeti Cheap air jordans for sale ng will be held in Wenzhou in June 19th. The Secretariat of the sub Technical Committee will be located in Wenzhou in the future and will be responsible for convening the relevant meetings of the committee. This means that China's leather shoes standards will be formulated in Wenzhou, this is the first fully formulated in Wenzhou national standards. expert technical committee from the national leather shoes production enterprises, research institutes, testing organizations, industry associations, certification bodies and other relevant units composed of Representatives, the main work is to formulate and revise and approval of shoe industry technical standards. It covers the standards of leather shoes, inspection methods, standards, standards of components and parts, and standards for raw materials. The 20 member enterprises from all over the country, Wenzhou has 7 shoe-making enterprises, AOKANG, Kangnai, royal, giant. Wenzhou shoes used to be a byword for fake and shoddy goods. The personage inside course of study thinks, standard of national leather shoes is made in Wenzhou, this is a qualitative change of Wenzhou shoe, explained Wenzhou shoe is in the position in the industry. Standard of leather shoes is made in Wenzhou, still can let Wenzhou shoemaking enterprise have the opportunity to know the latest development of leather shoes industry, avoid to lose market because of not understanding dynamic, and promote shoemaking enterprise to enhance scientific research ability. in the past, most of the national standards were formulated by scientific research institutions above the provincial level. In 2001, Wenzhou for the first time to participate in the formulation of national standards for male and female trousers; 2003 to participate in the dress industry standard setting. Since then, in the furniture, electrical appliances, leather shoes and other countries and industry standards for the formulation of "Wenzhou sound."". The new leather shoes industry standard "QB / T1002-2005 leather shoes" has two shoes enterprises such as AOKANG to participate in drafting and formulating. Last year, Wenzhou Kangnai Leather Co., Ltd., the sole leather goods company, reviewed the national standards for leather designer's profession. according to incomplete statistics, in recent years, Wenzhou city of quality and technical supervision and Inspection Institute and Wenzhou enterprises have participated in more than 20 national standards and industry standards formulated, which is relatively rare in cities throughout the country. These have accumulated rich experience and laid the foundation for the national standard formulated by Wenzhou. (responsibility editor: admin)Jordan Brand and Roger Federer early in 2014 on the launch of its signature shoes, then the Zoom Vapor RF and Air Jordan are 3 most classic black and white color cement to fusion, this jordan shoes online sale pair of Nike Zoom Vapor RF now x Air Jordan 3 back. The shoes and Air Jordan 3 classic "Fire Red" group of shoes to the iconic white red dress up through the bottom of Federer, with silver Logo, followed by using Nike Logo. The whole details in addition to bottom and the shoe soles are very similar to AJ3, not for such a pair of shoes - what do you feel? shoes on September 10th at Jordan Brand and officially designated store shelves, the sale price of $$200. Nike Zoom Vapor Tour AJ3 "Fire Red " number: 709998-106 release date: September 10th to Like attracts like. shoes. ShoeGaze "daily newspaper shoes" column Vol.606 1.BEAUTY & YOUTH Vans work together to create a pink Old Skool & Sk8-Hi from Japan fashion brand BEAUTY & YOUTH and Vans have maintained good relations of cooperation, the day before both hands again, with Vans Old and Sk8-Hi Skool classic shoes modeled to create pink series of cooperation. The series is divided into "Sea Fog" and "Grey Pink Very Berry" high saturation rose two main color, delicate suede upper with material to build, with a white lace and a large base is very clean and fresh. 2.New Balance to create a 35th anniversary Note Series for the British don't Flimby factory New Balance is located in the British Flimby factory, the birth of numerous "Made In England" classic, now the factory established in 1982, finally ushered in the 35 birthday, this brand will launch a special "Flimby 35th Anniversary" series don't celebrate. The new series a total of 991, covering the type of shoes 1500, 770 and Epic-TR four highly popular brand supporters. design is based on New Balance are the most representative of the navy blue, light blue, white and grey tone, collocation Nubuc and leather made of superior material, embodies the Flimby that the highest standard of luxury. 3.SPACE DYE ASICS TIGER GEL-KAYANO TRAINER knitted mesh KNIT knitting technology undoubtedly belongs to the king made shoes trend at the beginning of ASICS TIGER, launched GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT in Hongkong to follow the trend, but the official did not start to introduce color net color, make the popular new trend for local circle further hold boom. waiting for a long time, this time for the first time to introduce SPACE DYE knitted mesh surface design three new color officially landed in Hongkong to sell. through the color line technology presents MULTI COLOR weaving effect, delicate texture color is compared first ifheavier, we will surely be able to caused a stir in the shoes market. GEL-KAYANO TRAINER KNIT ASICS TIGER last 90s classic shoes GEL-KAYAN〉Nike Air Max 95 SI April 2013 new color matching version 2013-12-08 23:14:44 two new color matching, April 2013 new Nike Air Max 95 SI recently appeared in the network, the same background using different colors of detail decoration, making the whole different visual effects. With orange red and bl Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ue dotted on the same gray background, the classic shoes Nike Air Max 95 presents new results, love friends can further understand the information according to the art. item (red): 329393-081 item (blue): 329393-042 Air Jordan 1 Low new color matching sale information 2015-12-23 12:44:17 Jordan Brand again for the Air Jordan 1 Low launched a new color, this time the designer to black gray rendering the whole, this is not too much publicity shoes added more low-key elements. Although the shoe has not been the attention of the market, but this did not hit the brand information, the introduction of a new color, but also let us see the toughness of the brand. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in December 30th, No. 705329-003, love a friend may wish to focus. ; New, Balance and Asics are too hard to find; too expensive Consider Reebok Classic Leather, a retro route. Each season catalogue, Classic, Leather will have a lot of color, in fact, this shoe in 2013 has ushered in its 30th anniversary anniversary. The new color is still retro in the end, the grey suede with mesh material composed of shoe body, with white markings and sideways rubber outsole, very durable. classic reproduction / A, Bathing, Ape, 1ST, CAMO, BAPE, STA, MID, camouflage, injection / Black, Scale, X, Timerland, 6", boots comments on last article: Classic reproduction / A Bathing Ape 1ST CAMO BAPE STA MID next article: camouflage injection / Black Scale X Timerland 6" boots Nike Shox TL3 are covered with black patent leather while a remarkable elephant print was featured to acrossed the base of the shoe,the nylon mesh with red accent was applied into its inner lining.This kind of unique design that not only offer strong durability and breathability to shoe but also added vivid feeling to shoe.The sole midsole applied the advanced full-length Air-Sole technolog with white accent that not only comfort and provide great brayseism to shoe but also offer a kind of strong contraditionary effection to people. The carbon fiber plate was equiped in the sole of the Nike Air Max which stretch to the forefoot portion that one hand to provide strong stability to shoe,on the other hand have great improved the excellent performance of the shoe.The black transparent rubber outsole which with herringbone pattern was another steal point of the shoe that offer great traction to wearer in whatever circumstance. This outstanding original jordans 10 retro are not doubt a great combination of excellent performance to stylish colorway that make them become one of the most popular version among people.And welcome for more Original Nike Air Max here. Shox TL3 Are Made Of Top Quality Materials" /〉 I like this blog,and it's originally from[Chinese shoes Network - Shoes World GUIDE] London Olympic Games approaching, the four-year term of the sporting event will undoubtedly turn attracte jordan 3 katrina 2018 d Sports crowded. Sports marketing and "hot". In fact, as a common marketing tool, sports marketing has long been widely used in sporting goods brands. In the local sporting goods market, the Olympic focus on professional sports market, deep plowing, special steps to force the fashion sports markets. Both positioning Although obviously different, but in the implementation of sports marketing is no shortage of common. For sports brand, in the process of conducting sports marketing, sports resources not hold the better, the key is to choose sports resources for their own brand, as well as extended use of resources marketing to get more consumer attention . selection of sports resources - sports marketing, sports project is to select key points, it is mainly their own brand image perception inseparable. The right combination of sport and brand will promote the upgrading and development of the brand, on the contrary it will become a war of attrition-consuming and expensive and labor-intensive. Pick: basketball at the core & nbsp; Pick lasting bonds with the basketball can be traced back to 1991, the Olympic sponsor, "Bayi" men's basketball, the same year "Bayi" win. Later, the Olympic basketball program has been focused on the accumulation of resources. 1998 Olympic title sponsor beginning Basketball League B National. 2003 Olympic become CBA strategic partners. 2004 Olympic became Uzbekistan, Greece and other countries dedicated basketball team sports equipment. 2005 Olympic become "Stankovic Continental Champions Cup" strategic partner. December 2007 became the Cyprus Olympic Committee Olympic global partner, this series of sponsored initiatives, and constantly expand their resources by means of basketball influence. From domestic to foreign countries, from Serbia to Iraq, from the Adams Cup to the NBA, Olympic actively tackling NBA, FIBA ??and other top international basketball tournament, organized. March 27 this year, the consumer goods market statistics in 2011 by the China Chamber of Commerce and China National Commercial Information Center released, the Olympic combined market share to 19.56 percent in 2011 once again ranked "basketball shoes" segment top. This is the Olympic award for four consecutive years. Olympic basketball at the core of strategic gain further recognition and affirmation of the market. Of course, basketball is the main core of the project, it does not mean give up the integration of other sports resource projects. Olympic sports involved include tennis and soccer projects. In March this year, the Olympic tennis beauty has signed two players to force the unlimited potential of women's sports market, we are committed to diversification. Xtep: Lock Running project & nbsp; Compared to focus on professional sport Olympic, special steps to enable entertainment celebrity endorsements, digging fashion sports field, but this represents Xtep from sports marketing. 2004, special steps to become People's Republic of China 10th National Games only partner. In 2006, he became the third National Sports Conference sporting goods category only partner. In 2007, the title of People's Republic of China the sixth City Games basketball and badminton, and became the six City Council partners. In 2008, it became the People's Republic of China Eleventh Games sporting goods industry partners, and other unique. Throughout Xtep sports marketing as its sponsorship of sports projects involving basketball, badminton. By 2010, Xtep that "love running, Actel step" in the spirit of the idea, put more attention into the running projects, locking running project resources. In recent years, a number of special steps to actively through the sponsoring countries as well as world-class running events, special steps to strengthen the professional runners in the minds of consumers brand image. 2011, Xtep overall layout Marathon resources made marathon sponsorship in eight cities, including Xiamen International Marathon, Taipei National Road Marathon and Taipei Marathon, Cheng, Marathon, Yangzhou marathon, Hangzhou International Marathon, Dalian International Marathon, Half Marathon Tibet, Xi'an City Wall Marathon, Marathon resources to intensive promotion. extended sports marketing - fierce competition in sports marketing, event sponsorship and simple signing players no longer have enough unique charm. Because, after a fierce competition, you will find every brand in the hands of all sports hold some unique resources, who do not lose anyone. How to tap and use of sports resources in good hands, become a major brand to win the weapon. Pick: Not just a simple repetition of construction 2005 year sponsorship Rockets Toyota Center has become the first step into the NBA's Peak. Since then, the Olympic and NBA, the Rockets have seen. Then, Peak became an official NBA marketing partner China, its distribution contract players in the NBA more than one team. Today, Peak has Shane Battier, Jason ? Kidd, Carl Landry, Patrick Patterson, Javier McKee et 15 NBA players. While signing a dozen players have been in the industry believe is risky and redundant construction, but aspects of the Olympic market position that is deep, rich event marketing performance. Pick this move also proved not "burn money fast enough." By means of the NBA's international influence, many NBA players wearing boots battle arena Olympic flags, through television, to allow more fans to know the Olympic, Olympic accelerated promotion efforts in the international arena. With NBA players holding of resources, actively Olympic branding. Since 2006, the Olympic year to organize "PEAKTEAM" to promote basketball in China, and for the majority of Chinese fans to provide a platform for interaction with the NBA star. After years of Olympic fifty-six Chinese NBA star line, from the original to today's Shane Battier one of many star-studded lineup. Tour the city from the original north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities, deep into the Chengde, Jiaozuo, Xiangyang, Putian, second and third tier cities. Xtep: the sponsorship as a brand to operate 2010 years, the Xiamen marathon, special steps carefully prepared by more than a month, the community network to elect dozens of lovers, launched a special "love marathon" theme. It is reported that dozens of square was wearing the same style wedding dress or shirt lovers lovers ran the marathon track composed, become high-profile landscape. This special event, but also gives a more profound meaning Xiamen marathon, while allowing the Xiamen marathon adds different humanistic significance. For event sponsorship of sports marketing, DingShuiBo Xtep president said, "put their own brand as sponsored activities to run." Brand marketing is no longer just a simple sports sponsorship in exchange for advertising rights, brands should actively participate in the tournament to go, and advance to have overall planning and event planning, with its own brand concept, content rich sporting events. continuation of the sponsorship to operate as a brand marketing ideas, in the course of sponsored events, special steps to try a more effective manner and carefully planned activities for people to participate in the running of the movement to bring happiness to enjoy. This year, January 7, special steps during the Xiamen marathon, invited Han, power train, pain Yang band, Go Chic, Yuksek, Young Guns, and many other well-known international stars to help out, presented a fusion of rock, punk, pop, electronic dance music metal music feast. In addition, in the previous Taipei Marathon, Xtep joint Taipei Association for the Blind, set up a "hundred massage group", a massage service for the players. From Love Marathon to "Hundred massage group", to music marathon, special steps through every intention of planning to guide consumers to "enjoy the joy of movement", but also continue to increase brand promotion efforts. No viewer Marketing - No sports marketing audience, meaningless. The audience as a sports marketing is the most critical part, both the starting point is the end. All sports brand marketing activities are based on its own in the face of target groups and choice, and the audience can also become consumers to buy brand sports marketing purposes. Peak and Xtep selected items, in fact, is for project-oriented audience. Pick the brand's target audience is mainly located in the 18-30-year-old basketball players and basketball fans, at the same time, the radiation in the range of 14-35-year-old sports enthusiast. Obviously, Peak sponsored sports events and resources are integrated around this target audience is expanded. For a long time, the Olympic basketball adhere to the core, many sponsored basketball tournament, including NBA star football resources. These accumulated, and strengthen the Olympic "basketball equipment" label, deepened the perception of the consumer image of the Olympic brand of professional basketball. special steps, from Xtep core project, the project is intended for runners bring together a wide range of hobbies running fans. Among them, special steps marathon centralized force, because of its low threshold and healthy sport, became a universal epidemic eligible to join the movement. Like fashion Sporty young consumer groups and special steps have coincided oriented place. brand is the use of sports marketing at the psychological level to reach a spiritual exchange with the audience, and this subjective sense generally require long-term accumulation. Peak and Xtep sports resources in long-term accumulation, in fact, hope to reach a subtle influence on the audience. When accumulated to a certain extent, the audience for the image of the brand awareness will naturally form. Such as when the viewer wants to buy basketball shoes, will be formed in the brain, "buy the Olympic brand, and it's more professional," such thoughts. Brands through sports marketing purposes to be achieved is finished. Ries and Trout both marketing guru once said:. ". Once formed some ideas in people's minds, it is extremely difficult to change in marketing is the most futile attempt to change the mindset of the people." So, the audience consumer brand idea will need a guide during the sports marketing consciousness. From sports to sports marketing resources, we must have a long-term planning, system. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)early last year has been Air Jordan 3 "Black Cat" will be on the return message, but the sale information and the spy has been long overdue disclosure, tempt the appetite. recently, there is news that Air Jordan 3 "Black Cat" will be available in December of this year, the price of 190 dollars, number 136064-011, facing the regression of the black panther, I believe we are looking forward to. (the following non Air Jordan 3, Black, Cat) physical map APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Does still remember that the previously exposed London brand, A-Cold-Wall, is about to bring a whole new AF1 design? Also released a host Samuel Ross made the new AF1 video before us, and this pair of shoes are also exposed. With the use of the dyeing techniques, while the tongue add A-Cold-Wall tag. would you like such an old pair of sneakers? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience!