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do you remember the Kobe 10 Elite Low version that was previously published in the news agency in China? Now, foreign media sneakerfiles released further details of the photos, also said that the shoes will be sold on 9/12, priced at $200. The color is not yet available, but in the process of the spread of Internet, there are many nicknames with the release, but currently no official information released, so the exploration of shoe or always uphold the position of official information is subject to. In this color before the exposure of some people would think inside is white, but in the details can be found as it is gray, and in the shoe body did not see others such as the Kay Yow logo, so the previously circulated nickname may be 'Think Pink' or 'Mambacurial' are not yet conclusive Xiao Bian, personally think that in the latest Kobe 10 Elite Low matching are used in the comparison of color contrast, the pink and black on the lining, let this pair of shoes look very eye-catching, and the pink Nike Swoosh will design reflective like the previous' DRILL SERGEANT 'is the same exciting. source: sneakerfilesThe adidas mi ZX Flux conference in Berlin last week presented many of the finished products using transfer technology. From the photo to see the scene with many miadidas material such as shoe buckle, shoe sole and heel stabilizer can according to their own interest in the selection, customization options can be the biggest selling point in their favorite photos, art, and even the company's transfer to the upper Logo, show the concept miadidas play your own creative. source: WE ARE came with the lunar new year, we will also enter the "sexy" snake, NIKE recently released a series of 2013 years of the zodiac Chinese inspired works by Kobe Bryant and the black mamba basketball as the main design styles of the soul, contains 8 KOBE, HUARACHE 2K4, AIR FORCE and 1 other double the snake is defined in the NIKE style, Sportswear designer Marc Dolce crafted, last night conference this AIR FORCE 1 "WHAT THE SNAKE" in the year of the snake element diversified combination presents a rich visual appearance, snake leather each foot by as many as six different ways of making AIR FORCE 1 don't let out the characteristics of fabric shape developed, followed by the "parts" and "2013" is marked out his special limited version of the identity of the snake, the "Snake E cheap jordans yes" shoelace buckle details Is not to have the effect of finishing touch, the designers in the interview also mentioned on "WHAT" and "THE KD WHAT THE DUNK" and "WHAT THE KOBE" shoes gained inspiration, while also releasing this important snake Zodiac shoes brings a powerful new. Also worth mentioning is the AIR FORCE 1 WHAT THE SNAKE "snake" style appearance with the traditional AIR FORCE 1 is exactly the same, even the tongue are used quite traditional nylon material production, but the bottom in the shoe is a centimeter thick EVA (gray) and the Poron (black) production, is named AIR FORCE 1 "CMFT" of the new generation of styles, so we once again thought of the replacement of KOBE SYSTEM in recent years in the bottom, so that this year's snake style and KOBE with limited elements are the perfect combination of basketball. A month before the game in Memphis defender Tony Allen accidentally with his foot guard Chris Paul, leading to Chris Paul's face was hard to kick the game of the day also cause he got Union two technical fouls. Now NPO Memphis hopes raised $$15000 to Youth Villages in the small friends to buy Christmas gifts, Tony Allen will have a chance to redeem, intends to use the auction at Mi Adidas D in Rose version 4 as child Youth full income Villages gift fund. In addition to doing good deeds, the winner of the auction can get the left foot shoes at the beginning of the game. The auction will end at 12/22, and the amount will begin from $$750. Interested competitors may refer to source: Sole CollectorAir Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Black Toe" in Taiwan in November 5th will be sold to a specific store, male size price 5800 yuan, BG (Boys Grade School) big boys shoes size price 4600 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. More information on shoe listings is also available on the Kenlu Calendar news. Wuchang 23 source: Nike is the newest member of the LeBron James series of shoes, Nike Zoom Soldier 9 is a small series that it is configured in materials quite sincere, Z "devil felt by Zoom Air before and after the bandage sole cushioning system collocation vamps unique, the latest exposure of white and red color is reminiscent of the place for little emperor hometown Ohio air jordan 11 space jam for sale State University, with a distinctive tone highlights the overall sense of strong contrast. If there is another of this type of shoes friends may wish to personally experience, when you tighten the front strap, traction whole coated with dynamic lining with fly line and improved, is one of the small details quite outstanding in usability. source: Sole Collector if the three village master brings the exquisite craftsmanship of the shoes, then the next line of Tokyo is to provide personal experience of the performance of Adidas jogging products, as well as intimate service. earlier left Adidas Shibuya flagship store to the downtown area of our border relatively quiet corner, Adidas Running Lab Shibuya in the service side runner, the main task is to make the runner can be sold shoes through the three pass processing craft village sir, let run though is the purchase of city the sale of adidas shoes, but can still enjoy customized services to a certain extent. is disposed on the sporting goods store channel, but the equipment of black and white signs and Goods are available in all varieties., on behalf of Adidas technology and quality teachers from M.Lab technology, the principal conversation with three take it leisurely and unoppressively exudes the same breath post village mr.. The walls are covered with appliances shoes required for processing, and marked with the required services price, as long as it is purchased from the Running Lab shoes can be processed, contains no direct impact on the function of embroidery, or even affect the running posture adjustment in the service scope of the sole inside, because customized shoes must understand the product, the structure of the human body, running knowledge, they also have related technologies, so basically this unit is the principal by a person in the maintenance, because everything he has is in Adidas product department has three villages with Mr. learning accumulated, he said is a synonym for Running Lab should be too. said he is very modest, he just put his own knowledge to help runners, and processing complex he is only to observe and give advice, or determined to be sent back to the M.Lab that we see in the adjusted shoes run up happy or progress he said very satisfied, which is more than three the village of Mr. stiff he revealed the full post spirited smile, he can feel the Running Lab pay and proud. c Cheap jordans online omplete transplantation M.Lab service level and intimate suggestions previously in three villages of Mr. M.Lab by the peer running more experienced friends in the media as a test, this time by the television media friends accept experience, basically the same steps, with the intentions of the detailed measurements on the front of a day in M.Lab see exactly the same, first define the detection point, then set the instrument and scanning, then completed by the principal for detailed explanations and suggestions feet situation, we also asked Adidas adizero to Takumi Sen in the evaluation of running between them, the principal said in Japan have advanced many runners have clung to it in the Takumi series appeared, because of either Ren or Sen Q by Dwayne Johnson endorsement Under Armour x Project Rock Highlight Delta Taiwan April 5th officially released, priced: 5580 yuan. We collate Under Armour Facebook for you, Taiwan in the sales outlets announced, the actual sales methods, mechanisms and locations, transactions with the store announcement shall prevail. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. store information - - mansion store address: Roosevelt road is Taipei District, three lane 316, No. 3 - pate store address: Taipei Songshan road three No. 20 pate 1 floor - store address: Taipei Shilin Shilin District Road No. 15-11 - Taoyuan store address: Taoyuan City, Taoyuan District Fuxing Road No. 151 Building 1 floor A - Hsinchu store address: Hsinchu City East Road No. 40, Tel: (03) - store address: Feng Chia Taichung situn District Fuxing Road No. 409 Building 1 Tel: (04) - Yucheng store address: Kaohsiung City Yucheng Zuoying District Road No. 478 Building 1 Tel: (07) - a new Heng Horie source: Under, Armour, Taiwan& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; yesterday, ADIDAS cabinet in the Beijing Olympic theme to Yasi Ming store officially opened for business, which is the brand's first counter in Fujian. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The brand's products, including the Beijing Olympics as the design theme of clothing and footwear. Christmas at the opening and during the customer to the counter to buy any of the products are available to mobile phone ornaments, Olympic wristbands and other small gifts.The / Stefanie Fogel / drinking water "you stand in a white house in the west of the outdoors, and the house has a wooden front door. jordans on sale mens Here is a small mailbox." if you're a player of a certain age, you may remember the opening and the house with lots of wonderful memories, the huge underground caverns under the house, waiting for your terrible things in the dark. Zork is one of the most memorable examples of word adventure games or interactive novels that reached its peak in 1980s. But thanks to studios such as Failbetter, Games and Inkle, such games have now come back to life. With this in mind, the following seven text adventure games can still give any type of developer some experience about narrative and design. 1) Spider, and, Web"Spider Andrew and Web Plotkin Ingold is a very difficult but excellent game, but it will tell you why you spoil it," says Inkle founder Jon. This mysterious feeling makes it worth studying. " " (it) is indeed a wonderful thing, which was a complete revolution at that time, "Ingold said," and if it is selfish, there is nothing better than it. The game offers an impossible challenge that requires you to jump out of your own frame to solve the problem without damaging its narrative or world view. Like The Stanley Parable, there is no funny or any surreal flavor." review: don't be afraid to jump out of the inherent mode of thinking to make your game more challenging. 2) PlanetfallIn 1983, Infocom's game, Planetfall, tells of a humble Lieutenant forced to land on a desolate planet. It highlights its sense of humor and the robot Floyd that helps stranded explorers find their way home. Game designer Bob"It's shocking that producer Steve Meretzky can create such a unique person so economically," says Bates. "like the wicked witch of the west, in the" Wizard of Oz "on the screen only 12 minutes, Floyd and us to his emotional reactions dominate our memory of Planetfall, although he is limited in the game," said Bates. review: an unforgettable character, even a small one, can elevate your story. 3) TrinityThe Brian Moriarty Trinity is considered the top of the Infocom directory32 year old James is about to embark on a playoff journey, the impact of the fourth individual championship, however this is not the ultimate goal of James's...... opened the basement door along the James home, walking down the stairs, you will see four frames. The first frame is a combination of photographs of James high school, the second frame is James's first knight played shirt, t Cheap foamposites for sale hird frames are installed Kobe signature shirts, and fourth frames in Jordan's number 23 jersey. "This is a journey," James looked at the photo smiled and said. yes, this is the epitome of four photo James basketball career, he was a high school basketball chosen, he is a great champion show his comprehensive field dominance has surpassed Kobe. Now, on the way to the first person in history on the road, in front of James level is only one, that is recognized as the God of basketball Jordan, James's ultimate goal is to surpass Jordan. "in this process (I'm obsessed with being the best player in History), James at the beginning of March was inextricably bogged down in," said a guest of a program. When the at the end of September 2016, James had published the ideal. "This is my personal goals," James said, "I just never publicly disclosed, become a more than the great masters of the players, I think this should be the goal of everyone." Jordan was believed to be the first person in the history of basketball, his great beyond the sports category, you may not play basketball at the basketball, don't even care about sports, but you must have heard of Jordan. In the hearts of many people, Jordan has become a kind of belief, the basketball gods shining on their dreams. So, when someone says that he wanted to go beyond Jordan, all the responses are: impossible! and now James has decided to realize this is called NBA and basketball's greatest personal goals. To this end, he ignored a lot of related things, including his wife and children. "one day I told my wife, apologize to her. She was "Why are you sorry?" I said, "because I'm on the basketball players become the strongest in the history of the journey, or in order to complete all people will remember the achievements, sometimes even forget how important you are. I hope you understand, in the pursuit of my best player in history, in the course of my play, I might ignore you and your children. "" James said. seven years James dreams continue to enlarge time to pull back in 2010, the locker room, James was sitting at the mobile phone beside Wade, as usual, reporters before the interview, ask some questions commom;cynical, James some absent-minded like a regular course of official duties until the official answer a question: Lebron, do you want to be the second Jordan now? was originally looking at mobile phone James suddenly raised his head, revealing an indescribable look in the eyes, as if a child saw expensive toys wanted but.Jordan Brand Classic Classic scene Highlights 2014-05-06 22:49:32 The annual Jordan Brand Classic Classic yesterday held the Nets Barclays Center arena, the participants were high school students nationwide leader. Since it is sponsored by the Jordan Brand, that scene will naturally not the lack of Jordan shoes figure, from the players to the audience, let's take a look through the complex lens that day we wear something, right? Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 8 "Think Pink" commercial information 2014-09-05 12:10:34 Earlier as we reported the Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 8 "Think Pink" spy, has been widespread concern of many sneaker, and more recently the network exposed the physical map, in order to meet everyone's "appetite." Adhering to the usual style shoes overall, warm pink with sedate black, pink in the bottom of the ink jet point presented to you, currently commercially available shoes are given specific information expected to be fully in September 20 Commercially available, priced at $ 130. PUMA work together again BWGH publish R698 BLUEFIELD OG shoes 2015-07-17 14:57:51 According to sources PUMA and BWGH (Paris brand) again released its first joint shoes "R698 BLUEFIELD OG", the interpretation of the classic street. In recent years, joint shoes caused market turmoil, have to say the birth of joint shoes will guide the development of this approach. "R698 BLUEFIELD OG" once launched will lead to the same hot, blue is the dominant visual sensory nerve beating again, understated, elegant, extreme, simple design to enrich our vision, for those who like a more casual sports fans is Object favor. The shoes once listed, will certainly also set off no small waves. It is reported that PUMA & times; BWGH R698 BLUEFIELD OG series will be in Beijing and Shanghai Black Label stores and selected retail outlets for sale. There are like shoes which fans can pay more attention to ah. Reebok Furylite "Leopard" is now officially for sale 2015-06-28 13:18:06 Reebok shoes Furylite class innovations introduced in the sneaker community and the trend ring have achieved good results, and as a boost, the brand also happy to introduce more color of the shoes. Today, the network will be exposed to the classic elements of one pair of leopard for the creation of the source to create the shoes, shoe black and yellow color tones, while incorporating elements leopard, and finally to a clean elegance of white outsole presents, let fashion and wild feel simultaneously both. It is reported that the shoes have been officially released, interested friends may wish to look at it.@sinshouhin_com today at its IG Po out of the Nike LeBron 14 Low sail white color official preview picture, also using the Woven material and surface material composed of uppers, collocation of Zoom Air in the end, the design of low to help bring more flexible and lightweight experience. The color shoes no specific date of sale, like friends can continue to pay attention to get reports. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! It is reported that the limited edition of "Kate" shoes will be sold in retail stores and online in June this year, the price is $271, the color is limited to black, red, blue. The heel is still similar to the bottom slope with straw. Thanks to Prince Harry's girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. According to reports, Chelsy recently bought a pair of similar shoes secretly, which attracted the attention of fashion people. Editor's note70 classic running shoes New Balance 420 in the spring ushered in a new color design. The shoes are streamlined with black, white, red suede and leather, and are accompanied by a cushioning, well performing REVlite midsole. Pure New Balance vamp and brand logo with different materials were compared, and the tongue and the heel is the use of color design, shoes and other footwear is smooth design trends now agree without prior without previous consultation. It is reported that the series will be from February 1st landing brand stores and online stores, priced at $90. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike LunarCharge Premium new color series "Suede Pack" Adidas PureBOOST 2 brand new color design "Burgundy" comments on : Nike LunarCharge Premium new color series "Suede Pack" next: adidas PureBOOST 2 brand new color design "Burgundy" regression simplest Air Jordan 1; Retro High OG Black / white is a color Air Jordan 1 Retro year High OG coming soon, this is with a black white collocation show concise style, once this color launch is still a part of the series in 2008. This Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG will be on sale recently, like friends do not miss. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- charming Hawaii INVINCIBLE x Reebok Pump Fury 20th anniversary joint shoes published teamed up with Teng Yuan Hao's new project with Nike exposure Show Luo is a crazy love spree shoes maintenance cheats / how to make shoes never wear old anatomy / personal custom shoes aren't dreams, DJ Khaled Jordan Sole Fly x Air Jordan 5Lab4 3 new light, Air, laser reflection review on an article: DJ Khaled 5Lab4 Sole Jordan Fly x Air Jordan 3 next: new Air light, laser light reflection Ramses recently combined with the 2013 Nike custom brand Sportswear all star suit design a new Air Jordan VI "Raygun" custom new black leather shoes as the inspiration for the background, Nike Barkley Posite Max "Area collocation 72" and Nike Air Force followed by Max 2013 "Area 72" gray and black upper decorative details. The shoelace and fluorescent green tongue JUMPMAN Logo, everywhere all star set feeling. And the crystal outsole and the red midsole bring our thoughts back to the Air Jordan VI. The Nike released a new Air Vengeance Plus running shoes, a retro tone outline exclusive Nike unique aesthetic Ganso shoes, rare grey black and purple collocation that is different from other jogging shoes monotonous atmosphere design, specifically the use of pink lace suction eye coefficient percent in the bottom, add a splash effect trend of flavor beautiful appearance, is not careless use of breathable fabric and ACG wear resistant material greatly enhance the functionality, as a partner with the usual jogging outfit preferred course be nothing difficult.