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Popular exposure allows you to "step" wind NIKE brand sports shoes 2006-08-12 08:51:04 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; NIKE sneakers leadership in functionality already been recognized in the minds of consumers, provides excellent functionality and protection of the movement of people think of the shape of a diversified won The first sports brand in the title. & nbsp; Related newsfavored by the goddess of the Air Jordan 6 Low, in recent days with a new color debut! back in the bottom of the gradient is simply a suction eye weapon! it is reported that this section will be officially released on September, looking forward to the goddess? When I launched red / White / Black toe version of Air 1 Retro or Jordan 2006 "old love new love suit last time, next year this color will return retro style to more. Different from the set version of the 2013 copy of the tongue embroidery will be "NIKE AIR" rather than Jumpman logo, so this year more copy of taste. It will be officially re sold on May 2013. 2012-10-25 08:17 upload and download attachments (109.43 KB) When 1, do pushups, lift your own body weight at least 65%. 2, 90% marathon runners legs are very fine, so the woman do not have to worry about running will make legs thicker. 3 80%~82%, who at the beginning of fitness, will soon give up, only less than 20% will persist. Don't know which one do you belong to? 4, the body which muscle is stronger? The heart is the body's strongest muscle. 5, even if you are thin, your body fat rate may also be at a high unhealthy range, because the human body not only including subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. 6, when you add a kilogram of muscle, every day it will help you consume 110 more calories. 7, in China, only 13% of the male figure is strong and well balanced. Are you one of them? 8, fitness training a good figure is to give his best luxury jewelry. 9, if fasting for 12 hours, your basic metabolism level will be reduced by 40%. So by dieting to lose weight, not only more and more difficult, the equivalent Cheap jordans online of doing nothing. 10, running on the treadmill, if you hand on the treadmill handrail will lead you directly consume 20% less calories. 11, if you want to consume a pound of fat, the calories need 3500 calories, because a pound of fat has 3500 calories. 12, rope skipping. Simple and cheap, but also in any part of the movement is skipping. Rope skipping per minute is consumed more calories than other forms of exercise. Skipping rope not only can exercise and can bring infinite joy. The most wonderful is that you can jump rope with your child, sharing happiness exercise. 13, running. Running has many benefits, it can relieve the pressure, reduce the risk of depression, burn a lot of fat, improve the overall health level. I particularly enjoy running, especially the morning run. I think it is a very suitable for daily exercise. Every time after a run, I have a great sense of accomplishment. 14, swimming. Swimming is a very effective shaping exercise, it will bring you unexpected shaping effect, which for swimming lovers and to prepare body sculpting is a good news. All muscles of swimming can exercise your torso and exercise your body. 15, push ups. Unfortunately, many people refuse to do push ups completed because it is a bit difficult. In fact, push ups on your body is good. Push up a variety of types, different types of push ups exercise shoulder and arm muscles in different positions. Often replace the push up party "'s new international dress is dazzling this autumn and winter, but fashion is more concerned with big name shoes. Now share with you some of the most popular brand shoes on the web! the first name is Dior again. The collaboration of silk and lamb is definitely a noble masterpiece of Dior. Every lady's must-have. Noble silver is the best taste of mature women. Burberry T patent leather high heels, but it is the star product, almost all the big stars of love in it, of course it is the unique design popular charm, special high-heeled radian, plus elegant brown leather, ordinary color collocation but unique T style, very in particular, very sexy! Put it in feminine charm, Li coco shows up! Yves, Saint, Laurent, turquoise soles, high heels, very classic styling, simplicity is its theme, noble or not away from it. Sexy extreme extreme high heels, show the legs wear it! But 10.5cm's high heel design doesn't know if you can stand it! But the design is still worth your collection! Leave it as a souvenir! Versace buckle high-heeled shoes. Versace brand is famous sexy. And Versace this advantage to play on high heels, and show the most incisive, high heels are not sexy? Who's sexy? The buckle is small clever. Perfect! Is the sexy woman ready to collect? A pair of shoes, all-match very popular, but don't put enough! Lanvin cone with golden boots; golden short boots and styling high heels. It's an excellent choice for autumn and winter, but in particular, it's not as eye-catching as it is. The whole piece of gold is shining and really cute. Short boots are good friends for pants, and a pair of tights has it, but it's very fashionable. The emphasis is on the trendy colors! the last shoe to share with you today is the classic world of shoes, ---Manolo Blahnik earlier this week, NBA shoes war king as we reported "McFly" Nike Hypermax sneaker, loyal fans might get it and we will soon be introduced following the Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax to make a comparison, some very interesting. As shown in the figure, the Tennis Ball Nike Hypermax showing a tennis ball like upper color, and white and white bottom hook in a match; even NIKE also used a similar material to the real tennis shoes wrapped in bread, more is remarkably like the true. Another area of concern for this shoe is the local adoption of Flywire technology. For the time being, there is no information on when this shoe is on the market. Please pay attention to the NBA shoes, and if you have the latest news, you will receive it for the first time. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike Beijing Vans fluorescent Tennis Classic shoes Half Cab 20th anniversary crocodile Memorial comments on A: Nike Beijing fluorescent tennis shoes a Vans classic shoes Half Cab 20th anniversary crocodile Memorial The new skate boots Nike SB earlier announced a new Lunar Stefan Janoski shoes, overwhelmed by the introduction of new " Hyper Grape" color matching. The design of Stefan Janoski based on the classic silhouettes, and the black suede material composed of shoe body, with Swoosh and tongue purple contrast, finally with dazzling red sole Lunar show, to create a strong visual impact. HD map tours Maison Martin Margiela x Converse First String 2014 spring summer series, Kan ye, what to wear today? comments on : "HD Maison Martin Margiela x Converse First String 2014 spring and summer series" next article: "kan ye, what to wear today?" Nike Roshe Run Mid exposure of the new new shoes to the color, gray and ballistic nylon waterproof nylon color collocation, foamed sole white, blue tongue tag and lining for this low-key color brings many dazzling sense, new item 599501-004, priced at $80, is now offering Oneness, love friends don't miss it! has become a sponsor of the Jordan Brand, and not only has the Jordan shoes been the only thing to wear, but the special sneakers that are different from the market. Marquardt University player Todd Mayo drying out his new received Air Jordan 4, and the special features of these PE in its golden eagle team jersey consistent colors. This pair of Air Jordan 4 may also mean that in the next few weeks, each team sponsored by the Jordan Brand can receive the team PE shoes.with you until the earlier reported the new color New Balance ML999, now again to bring New Balance spring / summer 2013 M996 & ML574; the new color of the two paragraph of the two shoes with One Tone Color to present M996 with grey suede and nylon, and a pair of ML574 Beige nylon and suede. And M996 & ML574 soles are designed with old buffer ENCAP, is also retro Low Tech design. today will grow to test Kobe 8 System, to tell the truth to the SF led by the courier industry should be the most hate on behalf of this pair of shoes, the premise of constant volume weight drop, white occupied is not overcharged weight fee ah. * F5, a%, M*, Q2, ^", L3, @3 : n) P3 * F* B5 M% ^'? N* A get first-hand shoes look at the static image, can not be denied before the picture appears on the top texture and no lie, Kobe 8 System rare good texture, the bottom is Lunarlon light made me want to play Crocs, canvas uppers different from the previous generations of ZK and Hyperfuse on top of the vamp, also very different, is a kind of good toughness, surface fabric coating, folding resistance, anti wrinkle is the advantage, but I still think the durability is a question. T! B1, K*, T6, a7, _&, Q the last offer Kobe 8 System and two pairs of representative basketball shoes Rose compared to the weight of 3 Crazy Light 2, the history of the Nike is not a light. 7 T6 L5 (R'W3 M D: branches0.jpg (76.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-7 10:10 upload created by designer Dee & twins creative brand; Ricky, has always been a "cynical" design style is known, they are also good at building blocks into the colorful elements and LEGO in the design, and the identification of very distinctive style. This season the two brothers will be invited to PUMA, cooperation brings the spring and summer of 2016 joint series, the first wave of single product choice was born in 70s in the Basket Classic based on the classic basketball shoes, bring a total of black and white two colors, and in color to paint the leather into the retro atmosphere full of "Formstripe" color stripe the cartoon style, "PUMA", and the tongue of the checkerboard pattern shows its a powerful and unconstrained style of creativity. The series of each pair of pricing for $$110. 1.jpg (64.57 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-7 10:10 upload 2.jpg (73.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-7 10:10 upload 3.jpg (112.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-7 10:10 upload 4.jpg (124.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-3-7 10:10 upload MULTIPLE NIKE FLYKNIT ROSHE RUN: sohoo color this season the appreciation of the author and uploaded to the 2015-2-3 10:33:14 recommended reading: 206: 1: 0: reply SNK shoes information classification